1080P W1

Wireless 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

1. Easy setup and installation
2. Waterproof level IP66
3. Suitable for monitoring garden/house/car
4. Remotely check what is happening at anytime anywhere

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Full HD 1080P camera: with 1080P 2.0-megapixel lens and max 30 fps frame rate.

 Extremely fluently live stream will display directly to your apple ios/ android smartphone, tablet, PC application or web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome supported).

Excellent night vision: with 5 array infrared LED, night vision up to 67 feet. 

It provides you with clear images even in total darkness, enabling a high-quality of day and night surveillance.

Built-in micro card: capture important events to your camera. 

Local video storage is possible through a built-in Micro card for 24/7 video recording and playback via the Wansview App/Pc software. 

If the memory space is full, the oldest records will be overwritten automatically.

Waterproof camera: This camera is made of aluminum, which is extremely durable and won't rust. 

The waterproof degree is up to IP66, even in the terrible weather, it can keep a durable and stable operation. Operate Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃.

Product Description

Wlan IP 1080P outdoor Security Camera W1 :

Clear 1080p HD:

With 1080P 2.0 Megapixel Lens and Max 30 fps frame rate , You will have a smoothly crystal video.

Reliable Connection and Easy Setup:

Download wansview app from App store(ios) or google play(Android), power the camera on with included power supply,then connect the camera to 2.4Ghz WiFi(5G WiFi is not supported) or router with included RJ45 cable,and you can remotly access your cameras anytime anywhere.

Super night vision:

Up to 20 meters visible range in pitch darkness with clear black and white image thanks to 5 Array LEDs. Night vision mode will work automatically based on light change, or be controlled manually on Wansview App.

Waterproof Camera:

Waterproof degree up to IP66 and this camera is made of aluminum extremely durable and won't rust. Even in the terrible weather, it can keep a durable and stable operation.

Take a lot of cute photos and videos:

Capture those important events right into your camera. Local video storage is possible through a built-in 8GB Micro SD card for 24/7 video recording and playback via the wansview App/pc software.

Multiple Devices:

User can use iPhone/Android Phone App, tablet, Windows PC/MAC to view the camera through PC software and Web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

Excellent Compatibility:

Support the third party application: IP Cam Viewer, Tinycam Moniter, and PC software: Blue iris, Ispy, Sighthound.

1: Wansview W1 camera can only be connected with 2.4G WiFi, 5G is not supported.
2: The camera should be powered by 12V 2A  power supply, which is not a battery-powered camera.

Package List
1 x Wansview ip camera
1 x DC adapter (with 8 feet power cable)
1 x RJ45 cable
1 x Antenna
1 x English Quick Installation Guide
Mounting bracket and accessories


  • Clear 1080p HD

  • Pan and Tilt and Digital Zoom

  • Night Vision

  • Two Way Audio

  • Multiple Device View

  • Perfect compatibility

  • Storage

  • Onvif



  • Why the microphone and speaker of outdoor camera don't work?
    Wansview outdoor cameras don't have microphone and speaker functions.

  • The camera shows offline after moved to other location?
    First,please make sure that the camera had been connected to WiFi.
    Second, if the camera had been connected to WiFi, please check the WiFi distance from the camera to router:
    For Wansview indoor camera , the distance should be within 25-30 feet.
    For Wansview outdoor camera , the distance should be within 45-50 feet.
    If the location you moved  has the different network, you need to setup the camera again as it is new.

  • Why the camera shows "offline" on Wansview app after upgraded the firmware for it, but I can watch it via IP address on web browser?
    You may not back up the camera's DID information before upgrading the camera.

    Please kindly contact us by email with your camera's DID (VIEW-XXXXXX-XXXXX), you could check it on the wansview app or the camera's sticker. Then we will help you check the license, and send you a CGI link to rewrite the DID data into your camera.

    US/CA: service@wansview.com

    UK: service3@wansview.com

    FR: info.fr@wansview.com

    DE: info.de@wansview.com

  • Does Wansview cameras support POE(power over Ethernet)?
    No. All Wansview cameras can only be powered on by the specified power supply.
  • How to check if wansview camera is getting power?

    For Wansview indoor camera, the red light will be blinking slowly and Pan and Tilt will automatically move up/down/right/left for one circle to self-check when it is powerd on.

    For Wansview outdoor camera,it doesn't have indicator light, we can place the camera in the dark place and cover the photo resistant to check if the IR LED are working :
    If the outdoor camera is getting power, you can see the IR LED being red as below pic.

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