1080P B1

Wansview Wire-Free Battery-Powered Security Camera

1. 100% wire free security camera
2. Magnetic base for easy installation
3. Extra usb power supply to charge the battery
4. It's weatherproof and works well even in harsh conditions, rain or shine.

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No cables or wiring hassles. Works with 2.4Ghz WiFi ONLY. Needs to work with Base Station together. Camera with a fully protective case can be placed under the eaves of the roof. This waterproof security camera is an ideal use for both indoor and outdoor!


Built-in PIR motion Sensor, the wireless camera will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short video to SD card when an alarm is detected.


The Base station supports Max 64GB memory card(not included), the videos saved on a memory card can be playback via free Wansview App.


Amazing 1080P HD live video for day and night, night vision range up to 25feet in low light or pitch dark; 

Built-in speaker and Microphone, using free Wansview App can remotely monitor to talk and listen to the home security camera as long as the WiFi camera has been connected to the internet.

Product Description

Wansview Wire-Free Battery-Powered Security Camera B1 :

1.100% Wire-Free WiFi camera

no any wires required! Wireless camera comes paired with base station, one Base Station can manage 4 home security cameras, easy to control with IOS&Android Wansview App.

2.The Ultra-Low Power consumption

Built-in battery powered security system, Two rechargeable 18650 batteries(NOT included) can last up to 6-8 months. (Warm note: The battery life will vary based on camera settings, usage, and environment factors.) USB Jack for connecting external power supply,  and charge for  batteries.

3.1080P Full HD Wireless security camera

at 15fps, this wireless security camera gives you 105 degree wide Viewing angle.

4.Amazing 1080P HD live video for day and night

night vision rang up to 15 feet in low light or pitch dark; Built-in speaker and Microphone, using free Wansview App can remotely monitor to talk and listen to the home security camera as long as the WiFi camera has been connected the internet.

5.The Base station supports Max 128GB micro memory card

the videos saved on micro memory card can be playback via free wansview App. No monthly subscription fees and No hidden storage server needs to connect.

6. Built-in Motion PIR Sensor

the wireless camera will send an alert to your smart phone and record a short video to micro memory card card.

7: Easy installation

Waterproof IP65 for INDOOR and OUTDOOR, total Wire-Free, you can place your wireless wansview battery camera anywhere around your home inside and outside.

1. Wansview B1 camera can only be connected with 2.4G WiFi, 5G is not supported.
2. The Battery camera must be used with the Base Station together. It can't be used independently.

Package List (待确认)
1 x Wansview B1 camera
1x Base bottom
1 x Base Station
1 x AC adapter (with 8 feet Micro USB power cable)
1x Waterproof cover
1 x English Quick Installation Guide
1x Magnetic wall mount
1x 3M tape
1 package  mounting screws&anchors


  • WaterProof

  • Wider angle

  • 2.4G wifi

  • Clear 1080p HD

  • PIR Motion Detection

  • Night Vision

  • Two Way Audio

  • SD Card Storage



  • Why I can't connect the Base Station to router?
    1. Make sure your phone is connected with 2.4G WiFi
    2.  Please turn up your phone's volume while connecting the Base Station to Wi-Fi, so the Base Station can receive Wi-Fi signal from your phone!
  • Does Wansview cameras support POE(power over Ethernet)?
    No. All Wansview cameras can only be powered on by the specified power supply.
  • How to add the online camera to another phone?
    One camera can be viewd by 4 devices at the same time.
    1. Just download App "Wansview" from App store or Google Play, then follow below steps to add the camera to the second phone:

    2. Open the app --- tap [Add IP Camera] --- tap [Add already connected network camera]--- there are three ways to choose :

    a: If the second phone and the camera are in the same WiFi network, user can tap [LAN Search] to search the connected camera.

    b: User can tap QR code button to scan the barcode on the camera.

    c:  User can manually input the camera’s DID number (All Capital), username and password to add it.

    Then please tap the check mark. The camera will show "online".

  • What do the indicator lights mean on Wansview cameras?

    Below details are for the Wansview indoor cameras’ indicator status :

  • How to check if wansview camera is getting power?

    For Wansview indoor camera, the red light will be blinking slowly and Pan and Tilt will automatically move up/down/right/left for one circle to self-check when it is powerd on.

    For Wansview outdoor camera,it doesn't have indicator light, we can place the camera in the dark place and cover the photo resistant to check if the IR LED are working :
    If the outdoor camera is getting power, you can see the IR LED being red as below pic.

  • There is no Blue indicator on the camera?
    1. For indoor camera
    1)  For Wansview indoor camera such as K2/Q3, before WiFi configuration, please check if you configure WiFi to the camera within 5 mins after powering up the camera; otherwise, the blue light will disappear and we should reboot the camera and have a try again.

    2) For Wansview indoor camera such as K3/Q3S(RA), we should push the reset button for about 3-5 seconds to make the blue light work first.

    3)Please check if you input the wrong WiFi password during the WiFi configuration, if yes, the blue indicator will disappear. Then we need to reset the camera to factory default by pushing the "Reset" button for about 15-20 seconds and re-configure WiFi to the camera again by using the correct WiFi password.

    2. For Wansview outdoor camera such as W2/W3 camera, there is no blue light on camera.

  • Can the camera work with mobile Phone's Hotspot?
    Yes. In this way, you need to have two mobile phones, one phone as WiFi router, another phone to pair the camera to mobile phone's hotspot.

    Warm tips:
    1. WiFi frequency please select 2.4Ghz WiFi if the mobile phone's hotspot has both of 2.4G and 5G WiFi frequency.
    2. WiFi encryption please select WPA2-PSK(AES).
    3. In order to make camera stay connected with phone's hotspot, the phone's hotspot must be running all the time, otherwise, the camera will go to offline.

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