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Built-in Mic and Speaker offer you a smooth conversation with your family at any time, anywhere with your mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Remarkable view with super wide 120-degree viewing angle, with an adjustable base, you can manually adjust the viewing angle, use one Wansview wireless camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. Multi-view for several home cameras monitoring at the same screen, so you won't need to switch one camera to another to check what happening for a certain camera.


Intelligent IR-Cut switch ensures clear and high-quality images day and night. Four IR LEDs, night vision up to 20 feet in pitch dark.


Supports max 128GB micro SD card(SD card is not included in the box), 1080p 24 hour video can be saved for almost 4days, 480P can record 24 days, videos can be playback on mobile App and PC software.

Product Description

Wireless 1080P Home Security Camera K3 :

Clear 1080p HD :

With 1080P 2.0 Megapixel Lens and Max. 25 fps frame rate , You can see smoothly crystal video..

Contact your home:

Built-in microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio conversations. You can not only see what's happening in the house, but also send voice commands to your pet and talk with your loved ones, even away from home.

Superb night vision:

Up to 20 feet visible range in pitch darkness with clear black and white image thanks to one powerful 4 pcs array LED light. Night vision mode will work automatically based on light change, or be controlled manually on Wansview App.

Wider Vision & Multi-view:

With 1080p HD resolution, f/2.8 aperture and 120°wide-angle lens, the camera provides complete coverage in full high definition. Download the Wansview App, PC/Mac client and view more camera feeds on one screen, it will keep tracking of what's going on in every room.

Take a lot of cute photos and videos:

Capture those important events right onto your camera. Local video storage is possible through a Micro SD card with up to 128GB capacity for 24/7 video recording and playback via the wansview App.

Two Way Audio:

The built-in ultra-responsive microphone and speaker allows you to have smooth stable conversations with your loved ones through the Wansview App, wherever you are.

Multiple Devices:

User can use iPhone/Android Phone App, tablet, Windows PC/MAC to view the camera through PC software and Web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

1: Wansview K3 camera can only be connected with 2.4G WiFi, 5G is not supported.
2: The camera should be powered by 5V 1A Micro USB power supply, it is not battery-powered camera.

Package List
1 x Wansview ip camera
1 x AC adapter (with 8 feet Micro USB power cable)
1 x English Quick Installation Guide
Mounting bracket and accessories


  • Clear 1080p HD

  • SD Card Storage

  • Night Vision

  • Motion Detection

  • Two Way Audio

  • Multiple Device View

  • Perfect compatibility

  • Onvif



  • Can I add the camera to other software?
    Yes, the Wansview camera (besides Battery camera and Cloud cameras) is compatible with some software, for example, Sighthound, iSpy, Blue Iris, ipcam viewer, etc.
    Wansview cameras support RTSP connection :
    The first bit stream: rtsp://user: password @IP:rtsp port /live/ch0
    The second bit stream: rtsp://user: password @IP:rtsp port /live/ ch1
    The third bit stream: rtsp://user: password @IP:rtsp port /live/ ch2

    For more information, you can contact us by e-mail.
    USA:service@wansview.com, Canada:service@wansview.com

    Germany:info.de@wansview.com, France:info.fr@wansview.com

    UK:service3@wansview.com, Italy:info.it@wansview.com

  • How can I update the camera firmware?
    As each camera has different firmware and different way to update, so we do not offer to do it on your own.
    And generally, if the camera works well, you do not need to update, the factory firmware version is the most compatible with the camera.
    But if you have encountered problems, you can contact our service for solutions.
    If it is necessary to update the firmware, you can request the newest firmware of the camera from our service by telling us about your problem and the firmware of your camera.
  • Why I can't access the camera when I am outside? But it is working when my phone and camera connect the same WiFi.
    1. If you are using cellular data to view the camera, please be sure that Wansview app has the permission of data usage on your phone.(phone settings—app management-Wansview APP-cellular data permission).
    2. If the camera is not online when the phone is using 4G date, the problem might be your router's firewall prevents outside network to access your camera.
    If the firewall is on, you can access to the Web page of Router to turn off the firewall as the instruction of this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Access-a-Router
    3. If the camera is online when the phone is using 4G date, but when your phone and computer are connecting your office WiFi, you can't access the camera,

    the problem might be the network that your phone or computer is connecting can't access the Internet.

  • How to setup camera using "Add camera via WiFi mode"?

    This way is suitable for Q3S/Q3/K2/K3.

    Download App

    Please follow these steps to set up WiFi:
    1. Please make sure the camera is in the same room, close to the router, before performing the setup.
    Note: You can relocate into where you want after it is all set up. You just unplug it and move it to the new location and plug it in, the camera will connect to your WiFi automatically,no need to set it up again. But please make sure the new location will not be far from your router.
    2. Connect the power adapter to the camera and plug into power outlet
    3. Connect your mobile phone with 2.4G WiFi.(5G is not supported for the camera)
    If you are using a dual band router, make sure your 2.4G WiFi name is different from your 5G one.
    4. Add camera to the Wansview App:
    1) Select[Add IP Camera] and tap  + to add camera
    2) Select [Add camera via WiFi mode]
    3) Scan the QR code on the back of the camera.
    Note: The QR code is on the bottom/back of the camera, not on the box.
    4) Hold “Reset” button about 3-5 seconds until you see the blue lights is on (suitable for K3 and Q3S),
    then tap [Blue lights has slowly flashed]
    5) Name the camera, then [Next]
    Please keep the default username of admin and password of 123456 here. You could change the username and password after the camera is set up from Advanced Settings-User Settings.
    6) Input your WiFi password correctly and click on [Connect to WiFi]
    Note: The password and wifi name should exclude ‘ and & symbols.
    The wifi password should not exceed 31characters
    7) (Only for K3/Q3S )Use the camera to scan the QR code, click on [Blue light has quickly flashed] when
    the blue light flashes quickly
    8) When the camera receives WiFi signal, it will sound 2 beeps
    9) You should see it says online. Congratulations! Your camera is all set up. Click on the image to enjoy viewing and controlling it now.

    Here is a video for your reference:

    Wansview cameras (K3 ):7 steps add and set up via wifi mode easily (2018)


    Wansview cameras (Q3S): 7 steps add and set up via wifi mode easily (2018)


  • What do the indicator lights mean on Wansview cameras?

    Below details are for the Wansview indoor cameras’ indicator status :

  • There is no Blue indicator on the camera?
    1. For indoor camera
    1)  For Wansview indoor camera such as K2/Q3, before WiFi configuration, please check if you configure WiFi to the camera within 5 mins after powering up the camera; otherwise, the blue light will disappear and we should reboot the camera and have a try again.

    2) For Wansview indoor camera such as K3/Q3S(RA), we should push the reset button for about 3-5 seconds to make the blue light work first.

    3)Please check if you input the wrong WiFi password during the WiFi configuration, if yes, the blue indicator will disappear. Then we need to reset the camera to factory default by pushing the "Reset" button for about 15-20 seconds and re-configure WiFi to the camera again by using the correct WiFi password.

    2. For Wansview outdoor camera such as W2/W3 camera, there is no blue light on camera.

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