Can the light bulb be connected via Bluetooth? Wansview Light Bulb Camera G6

Hi, thanks for your question! The light bulb security camera doesn't support bluetooth, pls screw it into a light socket and follow the in-app instructions to connect to your 2.4GHz WiFi
① Go to App Store or Google Play to search and download the "Wansview Cloud" APP
② Register an account with your email and activate it.
③ Screw the light bulb security camera into bulb socket to make sure the camera is powered on.
④ Add device: before adding device on the APP, pls be sure that your smartphone is connected to 2.4Ghz WiFi ( 5Ghz WiFi is not supported), then click "Add device" or Click "+"
⑤ Select Model G6

⑥ Place the bulb camera near the router within 1 meter. Power on the camera, then wait 1-2 minutes, please check the camera's indicator light is intermittently double flashing white.

⑦ WiFi Setup
⑧ Place the OR code 3-8 inches in front of the light bulb camera lens, If you hear "QR code scanning is successful", pls press "Next"

⑨ The white light flashes, meaing the camera is connecting to WiFi, until the white light is solid, meaning the pairing is successful.

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