My Wansview Cameras Goes Offline a lot. How Can I Fix It?

The camera going offline is related to the network, power cord and firmware. 

Here are some suggestions for your reference. 

① Unplug the camera/router and plug it back in to see if the indicator is stable. Then refresh the app page to see if the camera is online. 

② Install the camera closer to the router. 

③ The defective power cord and unstable network could cause the offline issue, please replace the charging cable or power plug. 

 ④ Linking camera and cell phone to the same network / changing cell phone networks 

⑤ If there are multiple devices, turn off some of them. ⑥ Use a network cable to connect ( if the camera supports it) and adjust the antenna. 

If it's not working, please reset the camera and reconnect it on the app.

 ① Please install the indoor camera within 3 feet from the router, outdoor camera within 5 feet. Network signals within an effective distance will make the camera work more stably. 

② Please press and hold the reset button of the camera for 5-10 seconds, wait for a moment, the indicator will flash blue and red. 

 ③ Make sure your WIFI name/WIFI password is correct. 

If it doesn't work, please email us at and provide us with a photo of the sticker at the bottom of the camera, and tell us: 

1. Does this happen recently or is it been a long time? 

2. Have you changed your router recently?

 3. Which status of the indicator light (red/blue; steady or flashing slowly/fast)? 

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